Emform’s new bamboo flashlights are solar and crank powered

solar powered bamboo safe light_1

Whenever we think about flashlights we think about emergency situations that lead to power outages, or a camping trip with no battery packs. In these situations a battery powered flashlight becomes useless if it wasn’t charged or the batteries onboard are depleted. To solve the woes, German company Emform has come up with a new range of environmentally friendly bamboo flashlights that come in both a crank and a solar powered version to make sure that they work for you.

The first one on the list is the Safe Light, a compact flashlight with four bright LEDs and a small solar panel onboard. As expected, the solar cells recharge an onboard battery, which can then be used to provide illumination. Moreover, since the device makes use of LEDs, you can be assured that even a small amount of charge could provide hours of illumination.

dynamo powered Bamboo Dynamo Light

The second product unveiled by the company is the Bamboo Dynamo Light, which comes with a small hand-crank charging mechanism. While other features remain the same, the Dynamo Light also includes a USB charging system. Designboom notes that these portable flashlights can be used as a sustainable alternative to bulkier battery-powered lanterns.

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