Nature-inspired electric vehicle charging station concept harvests renewable solar energy

concept electric vehicle charging station_4

One of the major hurdles in the wide-spread adoption of electric cars is the lack of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Moreover, with the ever continuing debate about the actual environmental benefits of electric cars that are charged with conventionally generated electricity, industrial designers are now trying to come up with concept EV charging stations that harvest clean energy for a sustainable recharge. Working on the same lines designer Chris Yoon has come up with a concept Electric Vehicle Charging Station that takes inspiration from flower petals.

With an aim to challenge the current landscape of fuel stations and to cast a vision for a more aesthetically pleasing and sustainable future, the charging station has illuminated petals that form the inner ring to serve as a distinct visual landmark while looking beautiful on the streetscape. The top end of the petals are to lined with flexible photovoltaic solar cells that generate all the energy the station needs and stores it in a battery pack. The solar cells allows the structure to maintain zero net energy status, while making sure that any electric car charged on the station is an entirely green way to commute.

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