Concept Gorilla Yacht features onboard gardens and a hybrid fuel cell engine

Gorilla Yacht concept with hybrid engine_4

Taking inspiration by an atrium house, designer Johann Szebeni has come up with an environmentally friendly yacht, dubbed the Gorilla Yacht. The 73-meter-long concept yacht has two courtyards and aims to provide an entirely new experience of space while on a motor yacht. The concept yacht is made using fiberglass and has ample space for 10 guests and eight crew members.

A bar with seating accommodation is located right after the entrance. To widen the rooms, the concept features foldout balconies in both sides of the bar. The luxury Gorilla Yacht also offers guests the option to jump directly into the ocean water, while also relaxing at the sauna and the fitness rooms. At the central point of the yacht is an atrium garden that offers an incomparable sheltered green haven on the high seas, while also offering a large space for parties.

While the courtyard is actually a big roofless room, in case of bad weather, the courtyard can be protected from the elements with a closeable glass-roof. The environmentally friendly concept yacht is powered by a hybrid engine, which includes two 1800kW diesel and a fuel cell drive. Moreover, the glass surfaces come with a photovoltaic film that generates energy for onboard electronics. Apart from that the yacht is also equipped with saltwater desalination and a gray water recycling system.

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