Bottle Charger – Transforming a plastic bottle into an off grid mobile phone charger

Bottle Charger

Plastic bottles offer vast possibilities to create some unique designs, and devices at times, which are not only functional but also help in recycling the plastic waste. Recycling plastic bottles, a bunch of Kenyan designers has come up with a “Bottle Charger” made from used plastic soda/water bottle that produces 5 watt of green energy to charge your Smartphone.

All you need to do is add boiling water to the bottle and let the mini Blackbeard Unidirectional Constant Turbine (BUCT) produces energy, as the temperature keep changing frequently. Producing green and clean energy, the Bottle Charger can power your Smartphone within half an hour with just a cup of steaming water. Considering the fact that over 200 million mobile phone users in Africa live in homes without electricity, the Bottle Charger offering inexpensive and sustainable off the grid charging could help them stay connected without relying on outside power.

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