Geopure shower system recycles gray water for a refreshing bath

Geopure shower by Geopack Industrie_01

We have seen toilets recycling gray water (of kitchen and shower) for flushing in the past, but here is a sustainable shower system from Geopack Industries that recycles gray water to allow a refreshing bath/shower to eco conscious users. Displayed at IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi, from 17-21 February, the Geopure mobile, modular water recycling system features a double compartment container with the capacity of up to 50 liters.

Made using light material, the 70kg shower cubicle incorporates a shower tray, fixed shower-head  shower hose, shower mat, small mirror and LED light to allow relaxing bath while sustaining the environment. The Geopure shower system also includes antibacterial and purifying tubes that last for six months, while a hidden pocket keeps your clothes dry from the splash of the shower. Moreover, the €10,000 (about $13,270) tankless shower just uses 500 watts of electricity, which it produces with incorporated solar panels.

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