Self-sustaining gymnasium has energy generating exercise machines, solar panels

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With people in all parts of the world gearing up to find ways to converse more and more energy, designers and architects are helping them with innovative products and buildings that can conserve or generate a considerable amount of energy. While there are many approaches to generating renewable energy in a commercial building, for a building that will serve as a gymnasium, the best way is to make use of energy generating exercise machines so that that calories shed by the exercisers can be converted into precious watts.

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Working on the same lines, designers at Conduit Projects have come up with a self-sustaining gymnasium proposal that is entirely off-the-grid and uses a combination of human power and solar energy for all electricity requirements. The novel approach sees all the exercise machines in the gym converted to produce usable electricity. During rush hours in the morning and the evening, when most, if not all, exercise machines are being used, the gym sources electricity from a battery bank which stores all that charge. During other parts of the day, where not much electricity is being generated by the exercise machines, the gym sources electricity from a roof-mounted array of solar panels.

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Moreover, the exercisers can also check the amount of energy they have generated using an interface inside the LEED certified gymnasium building. The idea here is that the users you generate the most energy will get cash discounts on their membership.

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