Foldable Bicycle presents a practical design for trendy users

Foldable Bicycle by Gustavo Kemmerich

Bicycles not only offer a clean or green mode of transportation but they also let users express their identity with bikes of different style made using diverse materials. Designed to hand in hand with modern urban spaces, the “Foldable Bicycle” by designer Gustavo Kemmerich is a trendy bike that folds into half to fit in least available parking slots.

Made using carbon fiber and hydroformed 7075 Aluminum, the new folding bicycle is lightweight to ensure effortless steering. Easy to fold and collapse within no time, the Foldable Bicycle by the Danish designer makes use of components which are currently available on the market and can be manufactured in a short span of time. Presenting a practical design, the compact bike is just ideal for users looking for better performance.

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