Panasonic to donate 100,000 solar powered lanterns to people in regions without electricity

panasonic solar lantern

According to recent statistics, about 1.32 billion people in the world are living without electricity and since most of these people live in developing and underdeveloped parts of the world, the infrastructure to produce electricity using alternative energy is not present. In an effort to change the lives of thousands of families, Panasonic Corp has launched the 100 Thousand Solar Lantern Project.

The project will see the tech giant donate 100,000 solar-powered lanterns to people living in regions without electricity. Till date, people in these areas make use of kerosene powered lamps, which apart from releasing toxic fumes, don’t produce much light and hence limit the kind of work people can do after dark. As the first stage in the project, Panasonic will be donating 3000 portable solar lanterns to NGOs in Myanmar and next month the company will donate an additional 5000 lamps to NGOs in India, along 2000 to a refugee camp in Africa.

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