MUV-e all-electric scooter folds up for easy storage and carriage

MUV-e folding electric scooter_1

In an effort to provide solutions to the ever increasing problems of traffic and congestion on city streets and highways, industrial designers have long thought about the possibility of portable vehicles that can be folded when they’re not being used. While a Segway does a similar job of transporting people over short distances using electricity, it isn’t compact enough and hence cannot be carried along in the boot of a car. Two Israeli inventors think that they’ve solved the issue with a highly compact, three-wheeled, all-electric scooter, they call the MUV-e.

The compact scooter, which has been designed by Amir Zayid and Beni Shimon, can be easily folded to resemble a suitcase trolley and is destined to weight between 12 and 15kgs, depending on the type and capacity of the battery it will carry. The electric scooter can help the rider zoom at a top speed of 25kph. Charging is pretty easy too as the scooter can directly be connected to a standard 240V wall-socket and once fully charged, the MUV-e is expected to have a driving range between 15 and 40km, depending on the weight of the rider and the road conditions.

MUV-e folding electric scooter_2

Green Prophet reports that the while the scooter is still in concept stage, the inventors say that once produced, the MUV-e should retail from somewhere around $1900, which might be a little expensive than a bicycle, but is surely more compact and versatile than a Segway.

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