Self-powered ZEM micro home could be the mansion of tomorrow

ZEM sustainable micro home_1

The rate at which global population is rising and the available land for building living spaces declining, a time could soon come when sustainably-built micro-homes could be the new mansions. Working on the same lines, architect and designer Jeffrey Greger along with engineers and designers at San Jose State University have come up with the ZEM – Zero Emission House, a sustainably built mini-home that delivers all the comforts of a modern home in much less space.

With an aim to build a modern living space in less than 100 square feet of area, the ZEM house features a green roof and a rich plethora of solar panels that generate all the energy the house needs. The slanting walls and the roof have been designed to make the most out of natural sunlight and heat in an effort to reduce the need for artificial lighting and ventilation.

The designer states that reducing our impact on this planet, requires structures that are small and sustainable. Moreover, making such compact homes affordable, comfortable and functional will be the key factors in their adoption.

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