Cubile is a perfect housing unit for eco conscious nomads

Cubile solar powered mobile housing unit_1

Those who seek fun in the way they live and the products they own, need everything built on the same lines. Designed especially for people who live to change their living place around the world, without sacrificing on style and comforts, architect David Semrad has come up with Cubile – an environmentally-friendly housing unit that can be installed anywhere around the world and can even work independently for a few weeks.

The mobile housing unit comes with large glass façade that not only allows the occupants to enjoy the nature they reside with, but also ensures that the interior space is well illuminated without making use of any artificial lighting. The interior space is well divided into three areas – a bedroom, kitchen and a workroom, and a washroom.

Cubile solar powered mobile housing unit_2

The house rests on four adjustable legs, which allow the owner to install the house even on rough terrain. The roof is covered with solar panels that generate all the energy the house needs. Moreover, systems to harvest and store rainwater have also been installed to make sure that the family can live without any utility connections for at least a few weeks.

Cubile solar powered mobile housing unit_3

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