eComposter manages gas, compost material and microorganism levels in a household


Considering the fact that 65% of the world´s waste is organic and biodegradable, need for some efficient composters to make the earth clean and green has been felt more than ever before. Addressing the issue, Colombian designer Mauricio Issa has come up with a composting system called the “eComposter” intended for the generation of alternative urban household gas through fermentation of organic waste.

Made using sugarcane extract bio-polyethylene, which is completely biodegradable, the smart composting system is essentially a complement of the actual household gas system that influences the use bio-gas or domestic gas in a household, depending on the gas level. Capable of monitoring the gas, compost material and microorganism levels, the eComposter not only manages the household gas system, but also produces waste which can be used to fertilize any kind of plants or vegetables in your garden.

[Cheers Mauricio]

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