DIYer creates human-powered charger using cordless drill and household items

Human Powered electricity generator_3

We all know that manually turning an electrical motor in the reverse direction generates an electrical current. However, there aren’t many individuals who do this to produce an electrical current, enough to charge a smartphone’s battery. Innovative DIYer The King of Random has done just that to show that a cordless drill, when hand-cranked in the reverse direction can produce about 5V of direct current that is just enough to charge a smartphone.

Human Powered electricity generator_1

The project, Human Powered Emergency Phone Charger, requires a cordless drill, obviously with the battery taken out, and anything else you can find to secure the drill in place and a lever that can act as a crank. The DIYer here took a piece of wood, some yarn, a mixing beater, a salad fork, aluminum foil and some scotch tape for the job.

Human Powered electricity generator_2

After testing out the generator, The King of Random states that it requires about three hours of continuous cranking, preferably at 100RPM, to completely recharge a smartphone battery. Apart from that, this make-shift generator can produce electricity to power LED lights or charge any other product that supports USB charging at 5V.

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