I-Flower I-MU allows you to grow plants while listening to music

I-Flower I-MU Speaker Design_1

While music and gardening have nothing much in common, there is no dearth of designers who believe that listening to good music could allow you to become a gardener as well. Designer Qiangwei Flora Zhu, is one of those designers who is trying to blend two of the most favored pastime hobbies into one and has come up with the I-Flower I-MU concept speaker that integrates a conventional planter within.

The speaker, which can be used to play music stored on your iPhone or iPod comes in the shape of a flower pot. The growing medium, which is good old soil, rests on top of other electronic components that sealed to protect them from water damage. Excess water drains out of the back and hence it guarantees the healthy growth of your plant.

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