Stamp House offers a carbon neutral building solution

Stamp House

Located in the FNQ beachfront rain forest in Queensland, Australia, the Stamp House from Charles Wright Architects is a sustainable project that offers a carbon neutral building solution for an environmentally sensitive site. Designed to preserve the natural amenity and surrounding native wetland environment, the eco friendly architecture makes use of a creative combination of in-situ and precast concrete to take its form.

Developed in collaboration with National Parks, Environmental Agencies, State and Local Government, the Stamp House incorporates a solar paneled roof to insulate concrete and ensure a cool and comfortable ambient temperature throughout the year. Featuring a solid structure to withstand forceful cyclones, the sustainable building makes use of huge cantilevers to diminish the threat from potential flooding and tides. Fulfilling its energy needs with solar power, the Stamp House also incorporates advanced tertiary sewerage treatment plant and grey water recycling and irrigation, together with thermal insulation and natural cooling, while energy conservation is controlled using an efficient automation system.

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