Chinese couple transforms an abandoned bus into solar powered home

solar powered homemade RV

This solar powered home, built inside an abandoned bus, best illustrates the proverb – necessity is the mother of invention.  Offering shelter to a retired solider, surnamed Zhang, his wife who is suffering from cancer, and their nine-year-old daughter, the old bus is outfitted with solar panels to meet their energy needs in an eco friendly manner.

Harnessing sustainable energy via solar panels, the Zhang couple has equipped the old bus with a TV, computer, kitchen and bathroom, to transform it into a fully furnished recreational vehicle, of course stationary. Located in a desolate lane of suburban Songjiang District (China), the solar powered home/bus fulfills the basic needs of a small family. Though the Zhangs have occupied the deserted bus illegally, but its innovative transformation into a solar powered dwelling displays the creative genius of the Chinese people.

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