XSOL portable solar generator powers your gadgets with green energy

XSOL solar-powered generator

Power cuts are a very common phenomenon in most of the developing and underdeveloped nations. Addressing the issue Japanese solar company XSOL has come up with a portable solar-powered generator that can not only be used an electricity back up within your home but can also be transported to outdoor camps to illuminate your tent and power mobile gadgets.

Displayed at Smart Grid Expo in Tokyo during Smart Energy Week 2013, the XSOL solar-powered generator is essentially a solar panel on wheels, which is hooked to a generator to maintain steady electric supply anywhere, anytime. Offering six outlets, five AC100V and one DC12V, the portable generator can juice up your smart devices, including mobile phones, cameras and laptops, and power appliances, such as electric tea kettle or grill, no matter if you are at home or camping outdoors.

XSOL solar-powered generator_01

Measuring 489 x 210 x 286 mm in dimensions, the solar powered generator just weighs 27.2kg which you can carry to power your outdoor excursions with ease. To pull off the maximum output of up to 1800W, you need to place the generator in sunlight for 12-18 hours.

Via: Akihabara News

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