Eco Bicycle Rental to reduce pollution and traffic jams from cities

Eco Bicycle Retal

City roads all over the world are cramped with motorized vehicles, which not only harms the environment but also results in massive traffic jams, bringing the urban spaces to a standstill. Offering a solution, designer Qiangwei Flora Zhu has come up with a bicycle rental system concept called the “Eco Bicycle Rental” that can help in reducing both the pollution as well as traffic jams.

Especially designed for Beijing, which is one of the most polluted and cramped city due to increasing auto vehicles, the new bicycle system could be located using a Smartphone. Users can either rent a bike through the Beijing metro card (Yikatong) or they can apply for the rental verification, as each mobile phone number will get an individual unique code to rent a bike. Once the users will reach their destination, they can either swipe their cards to return the bicycle immediately or re-enter their unique verification code to close the lease.

Apart from storing the bicycle, the bike rental station can also be used as a seat for people to rest, as soon as the user collapses the station to unlock the bicycle. Once the user unfolds the seat to place and lock the bicycle onto the station, it transforms into a bike fitness machine to help the user get in shape. The Eco Bicycle Rental system not only encourages people to use the city bicycle transportation system but also persuades healthy exercise habits among city dwellers.

[Cheers Qiangwei]

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