Students to use Delhi Metro for generating renewable wind energy

Delhi Metro

A team of students at the Delhi University in India want the Delhi Metro not just to be a energy hungry transportation alternative, but actually want it to generate some renewable energy too by making use of the high speed winds produced by trains as they move. The team, which consists of ten students and two teachers, have proposed the installation of small wind turbines that are strategically placed to convert all that wind energy into usable electricity.

The idea is simple as the team will be placing these turbines at entry points of tunnels and the points where the metro train moves from an underground line to an overhead line. Placing turbines at these spots will expose them to the maximum wind speeds and hence more energy can be generated.

Theoretically, the team anticipates that a single turbine will be able to produce somewhere between 200 to 500 watts of power each hour and have sourced approval from the DMRC to set up one turbine in an underground station as a pilot project. Once the data from the pilot project starts coming in, the team can expand operations and generate about 3kW of renewable electricity using wind energy.

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