Waterall fully automated garden sprinkler system conserves water

Waterall automatic watering system for gardens_1

There is no dearth of individuals who love gardening and have installed automatic sprinkler systems to water the garden on scheduled time without any manual intervention. However, often you might have seen your sprinkler system watering your garden only to find rain after just a couple of hours. To solve all these problems, designers at Symp1E have come up with Waterall – an internet connected, fully automated garden sprinkler system that is personalized according to your garden and the plants growing there, while also taking into account the local weather conditions.

The Wi-Fi enabled irrigation system uses resources of the cloud to find and tailor a custom and optimal watering solution for your lawn and garden. The system continuously monitors weather alerts and other variables to adjust the watering schedule without any manual interaction. The system is coupled with smart watering technologies that ensures greener garden and also conserves water.

Waterall automatic watering system for gardens_2

The designers state that installing the Waterall is simple and users won’t have to install any additional hardware or wiring to start using the Waterall. Once the setup is complete, users can log into the web interface and enter the specific garden information. The system then creates a custom watering schedule to conserve water and ensure a healthy garden.

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