Isolee self-sufficient smart house incorporates the goodness of solar energy

Isolee solar powered smart house_1

With a scarcity of land available for building homes, along with the ever rising prices of energy and the emissions associated with its production, architects and designers have shifted their focus towards environmentally friendly houses, which can run off-the-grid or consume the least amount of conventional grid electricity. Working to design smart homes for eco conscious home owners of tomorrow, designer Frank Tjepkema of TJEP has come up with Isolee – a self sufficient small dwelling that combines smart technologies with an attention to detail.

Isolee solar powered smart house_2

The intelligent house, which requires little to no fuel of any type, features an innovative solar tree that includes circular photovoltaic panels, extending from its rooftop. The solar energy generating system follows the movement of the sun in the sky to generate the maximum possible solar energy for the house to consume. Apart from this, the house includes massive shutters that span the length of the building and are controlled via electric motors that are operated by a computer controlled network.

Isolee solar powered smart house_3

The shutter system angles the louvered panels to the inhabitant’s liking and are automatically closed when a storm approaches. When opened, the shutters let in plenty of natural light and ventilation and hence reduce the need for an electricity powered alterative. A wood burning stove is also integrated into the house and is supplemented by an electrically powered heating system that runs on solar energy. To further conserve energy, the house features energy-efficient LED lights that run on rechargeable batteries. Head over to Designboom for more images and information.

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