Cardborigami homeless shelter is an inspirational blend of cardboard and origami

cardborigami homeless shelter_07

The pace the number of homeless is increasing all over the world, it won’t be possible to provide permanent homes to all, for it will require a huge amount of money as well as extra time. Addressing the issue, Los Angeles-based designer Tina Hovsepian drawing inspiration from the Japanese paper-folding art of origami has come up with a pop-up shelter made using cardboard to provide instant refuge to the homeless.

Hailed as Cardborigami, the cardboard home is designed as a transitional shelter until to the homeless until they find permanent homes. Developed in two editions, one with sizable version 1.0 for humanitarian crises and the other one which is more portable 2.0 for single-person use, the origami cardboard shelter will provide the much needed roof for the homeless to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Weighing around 10.5 pounds (about 5 kg), the Cardborigami 2.0, which seems to be the main focal point of the designer, comes complete with fire-retardant and water-resistant coatings to offer a safe refuge to the homeless. For it can be folded and collapsed within no time, and that too without any tools or clips. Cardborigami is indeed an inspirational project that will make life little easier for the homeless.

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