Energy generating urinals help power the Brazilian Carnival

Brazilian Carnival

With a lack of adequate public restroom facilities, hundreds are cited every year for public urination in Rio during the world’s famous Brazilian Carnival. This year, the organizers came up with an innovative solution – public urinals that feature the inclusion of energy generating turbines. The idea came to one of the event organizer AfroReggae, which teamed up with Brazilian publicity agency JWT to install the one-of-their-kind urinals that convert liquid human waste to usable electricity.

The job of the turbines is simple and they just work like a hydroelectric plant, but on a much smaller scale. Visitors are encouraged to hold a little bit longer and use only the energy generating urinal to relieve themselves. The power generated by the turbines is then stored in batteries, which then help power the AfroReggae’s sound system.

Treehugger notes that there are no official figures as to how much energy was actually produced by the urinals, nor is much information available about the reduction of the event’s carbon footprint, it did however help keep the streets a lot cleaner.

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