Eco friendly Wooden Bike prototype has wheels made from wood too!

Wooden Bicycle prototype_1

Bicycling being one of the greenest ways to commute, we have always encouraged our readers to ditch their cars and make use of pedal-power, especially for short distance commutes. Apart from saving a lot of fuel, bicycling also helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. While bicycles are definitely green on their own, a Japanese designer named Yojiro Oshima is trying to even better the eco credentials of bicycle with the prototype Wooden Bicycle.

As the name suggests, the bicycle is largely made using wood. Not only is the frame, the handlebar and the saddle, made from eco friendly wood, the wheels too are made using the same material. The designer’s goal was to incorporate the benefits of a beam frame and a standard frame, so that the cantilevered seat beam could reduce large impacts, while also ensuring that the seat stay and the chain stay ensured stiffness. Though, the bicycle is still a prototype, we would really love to see it actually being ridden and see how it counters the roughness of asphalt.

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