Pibal bicycle transforms into a scooter to move in heavy traffic

Pibal bicycle

Paddling a bicycle in heavy traffic of city roads, moving at slow speed, often becomes difficult for bikers, so they have to walk alongside the bike. Addressing the issue, French designer Philippe Starck has come up with a hybrid bicycle that transforms into a scooter to move in heavy traffic. Dubbed the “Pibal,” meaning “baby eel,” the hybrid bicycle is developed to integrate bicycles into its public transport system in the city of Bordeaux, France.

Developed in collaboration with Peugeot, the prototype bicycle presents a low scooter-like platform to push it with one foot in heavy traffic. Featuring the body finished in aluminum, the Pibal bicycle moves on yellow tires for better visibility. Offering space for bag racks at the front and back, the hybrid bicycle smartly responds to new urban ergonomics. Scheduled to be manufactured and delivered by Peugeot in June, the Pibal bicycle will be loaned to city dwellers for free, which will surely promote clean and green modes of commutation in urbanities.

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