LUCEM Media Façade is the world’s first panel with light transmitting concrete

LUCEM Media Façade_01

Designed by German concrete manufacturer LUCEM, here is the world’s first media facade with LUCEM light transmitting concrete panels that not only looks unique but also helps in sustaining the environment. Located at RWTH Aachen University, the light transmitting concrete panels (150 x 50cm) feature optical fibers and color changing technology that brightens the colors about one hour before sunset.

Developed as a part of the project by Aachen-based architects Carpus & Partner, the LUCEM Media Facade makes use of an internet-based DMX technology system to control the LED panels. Made using red, green and blue chips, capable of controlling over 16 million colors, the LED panels can be controlled separately to transform the whole facade into a large display screen. Designed to display text and logos on the screen, the light on the facade can be controlled through the internet or a mobile device.

Apart from being a light transmitting facade  the panels can also be used in interior walls, cladding,  floors, room dividers, bars, etc. Available in a variety of forms, i.e. Lichbeton panels, Label panels, Line panel and Starlight panels, the LUCEM panels offer diversified light effects and aesthetics for different use.

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