We Care Solar’s ‘Solar Suitcase’ aims to save lives during childbirth

solar suitcase_1

While in the developed world, clinics have access to all modern technology that helps guarantee the lives of the mother and the child during childbirth, conditions in developing and underdeveloped countries of the world in Africa and Asia aren’t just the same. In Africa, conditions are so bleak that clinics don’t even have access to electricity and childbirth is carried out in the light of kerosene lamps, candles and even cellphones.

After finding out that many women and babies were dying during childbirth simply because there was no electricity to carry out adequate treatment, Dr. Laura Stachel along with her husband created a portable solar energy kit inside a suitcase that could provide power when necessary. Since then, their non-profit organization, We Care Solar, has donated nearly 250 of these kits to medical centers in Africa, Asia and South America.

The Solar Suitcase was designed to help during childbirth and carries cellphone chargers, battery chargers and LED lighting that can illuminate the area where women are being treated. While the system was primarily designed for childbirth, it also came in handy during a recent cholera outbreak in Congo, where for the first time in the history of the island no one died of cholera as each person was treated day and night. In the past, 50 percent of the patients would die and 80 percent of them died during night, where there was no light.

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