Honda R-EV concept racing vehicle targets teenage drivers with a green conscious

Honda R-EV_01

The brainchild of industrial designer Jex Chau, the Honda R-EV (Racing Electric Vehicle) is a compact sports vehicle targeting urban Asian teenage markets. The zero emission road and club racing concept vehicle is designed to provide them with excitement and independence in a densely populated urban environment and self-expression through its personalization potential.

The concept Honda R-EV is capable of a leisure drive in the city, excitement during the race and provides a personal space for social activity. The designer states that the R-EV is created as collaboration between Honda and PlayStation to implant the HOME features into a vehicle that accesses the digital world. The HOME system allows the users to interact or organize events such as races or gatherings.

Participating in events and competing in organized races, users will earn experience points to customize their riders or unlock performance features. The upgradable features include suspension upgrades, customized paint and graphics, power upgrades and others. Apart from these features, experience points will be awarded as well in order to build up the fame of the driver throughout the network. With the upgrades awarded in the event, users can participate in races and compete with each other to bring the excitement to the next level.

Moreover, by blending the virtual world with reality, R-EV allows young drivers to gradually build skill and race track licensing to enable safe and rewarding driving behavior on and off the road.

Cheers! Jex Chau

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