Kenyan teenager designs solar-powered light to protect family’s cattle

solar powered lion lights

While in the developed world predators such as lions don’t usually roam in the neighborhood, conditions in Kenya are just the opposite with most of the land being just wild savanna. This is the reason behind the constant conflicts between the residents and wild animals, which get past fences for cattle. To protect their most valuable asset, which is cattle, Kenyan ranchers had to patrol the grounds with a flashlight, something which is expected doesn’t do much good.

Richard Turere, a teenage local who as tired to these lion attacks quickly realized that lions seem to stay away when people would patrol the grounds with a flashlight as they seem to be afraid of movement. To replicate human movement at night without any human actually patrolling the grounds, Turere created an innovative system of flickering solar-powered lights using a turn-signal switch from an old motorcycle, some LED lights, and a solar-powered car battery.

The flickering lights can be installed on a fence and aimed out towards the savanna. Dubbed Lion Lights, the lighting flickers on an off throughout the night, replicating human movement and keeping the lions at bay. EarthTechling reports that since the invention, which happened about two years ago, there have been no lion attacks on the inventor’s cattle and the idea is being used elsewhere too for similar results.

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