MODEC unveils world’s first wind and tidal hybrid power generation system

MODEC SKWID hybrid wind and ocean power generation system

Tokyo-based MODEC Inc has come with a revolutionary renewable energy generating system that harnesses wind energy and tidal energy to provide clean electricity for communities. The system, dubbed SKWID, is a floating wind and current hybrid power generation system that is capable of converting two inexhaustible ocean energy sources into abundant power.

The company states that the pioneering technology of the SKWID provides cost-effective power generation with minimal environmental impact. The first-of-its-kind system is made by combining a Darrieus windmill with erect blades and a Savonius waterwheel that rotates in the same direction regardless of the direction of the tidal current.

The amount of energy generated by the Darrieus windmill is twice as much as the power generated by a conventional propeller windmill as it has a larger swept area. Moreover, because of its low center of gravity, the windmill is a lot more stable of water. The waterwheel used in the designed is made by combining vertically-split cylinders to allow the wheel to utilize slow tidal currents. Moreover, both the systems are connected to a generator installed in the center of the floating system to allow more power to be generated.

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