The Asian Cairns project transforms cities into an ecosystems

Sustainable Farmscrapers

With agricultural land shrinking all over the world rapidly, need for some alternate sources of farming, such as vertical farms and high rising skyscrapers, have been felt more than ever before. Addressing the issue, French firm called the Vincent Callebaut Architects has come up with a master plan of six high skyscrapers, the “Asian Cairns”, which will not only help in curbing the problem of growing population but also create green spaces in urban area to check the carbon emissions. Designed for Shenzen, China, the Asian Cairns project looks forward to construct an urban multifunctional, multicultural and ecological pole to make a balance between the natural and the man-made surroundings.

Combining the TIC (information and communication technologies) and eco-designed from bio-technologies  the sustainable farmscrapers are intended to create green, dense and smart city to improve the lifestyle of the city dwellers. Drawing inspiration from cairns, the heap of stones found in mountainous terrains, the skyscrapers also feature an open-air epidermis of photovoltaic and photo thermal solar cells, together with a forest of wind turbines wrapping the zenithal roofs to harness clean and green energy, which makes them highly sustainable.

Providing adequate space for residential areas, offices and leisure areas inside the pebble shaped construction; the farmscrapers also feature huge basins of viticulture and lagoons of phyto-puration to recycle the gray water drained by the vertical farms. Made from steel rings connected to the central column by Vierendeel beams with the interstitial spaces that house floating gardens, each pebble symbolizes an eco-quarter. In short, the Asian Cairns project promotes sustainable architectural values that transform cities in ecosystems, quarters in forests and buildings in full-grown trees to make urbanities a place worth living.

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