Compact solar powered home offers a sustainable lifestyle for $250 per month

Small solar powered home

Back in 2009, Japanese student Netaro constructed a small solar powered home to fulfill his basic housing needs, which he calls “B-Life,” for $1,000. This compact house encouraged him to build even more compact and economical solar powered homes, and he ended up with a mobile, self-sustainable home for just $130. After the devastating Tsunami in 2011, Netaro’s compact home attracted the attention and he came up with another portable solar powered home that is good enough to run a laptop, Internet, satellite TV and electricity for $250 per month only.

The new solar powered home not only fulfills basic needs of a reasonably modern life but it is compact enough to be towed behind a motorcycle at 15 mph as well. The mobile house encourages people to live with less or economical resources without compromising on modern facilities such as, reliable electricity, television and Internet access. Above all, the mobile home supports a sustainable lifestyle.

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