Russian Space Agency aims to build space-based solar power system

space based solar power

With the entire world experiencing an energy deficit to power communities and keep the development plans on track, scientists are envisioning a future where a major chunk, if not all, of the energy will come from solar power plants that won’t consume land reserves but will be orbiting around the earth and then beaming collected energy back on earth.

Though the idea isn’t new and researchers over the globe have tinkered with the idea for decades the technology hasn’t still been realized because harnessing solar energy in space is comparatively easy than transferring all collected energy to earth. While the initial idea was to transfer collected energy in space back to earth using microwaves, the Russian Space Agency is eyeing to make use of lasers for the same.

The scientists at the Russian Space Agency are proposing the construction of a giant space-based solar power station which would orbit the earth. The idea is to generate a large amount of power as in space solar energy will not be hindered by clouds or disturbance in the ozone layer. All the collected energy will be transferred back to earth with the use of a collection of infrared lasers, which will produce a powerful enough laser beam to transfer electricity.

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