Ford City Bike Concept for a future where cars are no longer essential

Ford City Bike concept_1

With the rise in the number of cars on the road leading to traffic congestion and the shortage of land available for parking cars, designers are envisioning a future where urban commuters will have to leave their cars at distant parking lots and bicycle to work. For such times, a team of designers including Jimena Compean, Isabel Ayala and Jose Arturo Moreno have come up with a prototype bicycle dubbed the Ford City Bike.

Inspired by the Ford Focus ST 2013, the brief was to create a concept bicycle with a futuristic vision where cities are over populated and cars are no longer essential and bicycles are the primary means of transportation. The Ford City Bike comes with spokeless wheels with dented bands for additional traction. The bicycle is designed for easy mounting and holding of gadgets like laptops and iPads. Moreover, YankoDesign notes that the owner of the bicycle will not have to lift his/her legs to mount and dismount from the bicycle, making it easy to ride with any kind of clothing.

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