Hand cranked SOS Charger juices up your Smartphone anywhere, anytime

SOS Charger_01

Power cut is a common phenomenon during natural disasters or emergencies, which not only forces the victims to live in the dark but also make their gadgets, like mobile phones, insignificant that have become a lifeline of modern users. To keep your mobile devices up and running, Seattle based SOS Ready has tossed up a self-powered mobile charger dubbed the “SOS Charger” that juices up your iPhone, Smartphone or any other USB powered device using your power.

Integrating a powerful generator, the SOSCharger looks like any other hand-crank charger available in the market, but it comes with power output for contemporary Smartphones, including iPhone, which other hand-crank products lack. Compatible with mobile phones of every brand and other devices with the standard USB power source, the SOSCharger integrates a 1,500 mAh Lithium Polymer battery that produces adequate power to perk up your mobile devices. To get about 10 minutes of talk time on your Smartphone, all you need to do is hand-crank the charger for 5 minutes only.

In addition, the SOSCharger can be powered with your standard USB wall charger of your Smartphone or Bluetooth device to use it as a backup power source for your USB-powered devices, thanks to integrated the micro-USB cable, during the power cuts. Just plug in your standard charging cable to the standard USB port on the SOSCharger to juice up your phone and Bluetooth headset, together with a USB-powered fan. Featuring an elegant, ergonomic and stylish design, the pocket-sized SOSCharger is easy to use. About the size of an iPod Classic, the portable charger is just ideal for camping and hiking, so you could remain in touch with your loved ones and business associates all the time.

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