MONO transforming concept electric car parks like a bike

MONO concept electric car_1

With parking lots all over the world getting congested than ever before, automotive designers are placing their bets on a future where cars will be able to alter their shapes to suit the traffic conditions. Working on the same lines, auto designer Heesang Ahn has conceptualized the MONO concept electric car, which he believes will be a much easier vehicle to drive on the highways of tomorrow.

The concept vehicle, which drives like any other normal car and takes up similar kind of space, folds up to one-fifth its original size to reduce the need for a large parking space. Getting into the car is just as interesting as the transforming function as the driver can open the canopy of the car to get into it. The MONO is designed to be powered by a special charging station where 10 MONOs can be parked and charged simultaneously.

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