Café made inside abandoned Victorian toilet re-uses old urinals as dividers

The Attendant_01

While nobody would like to have sandwiches or a cup of coffee while being in the restroom, two Englishmen Pete Tomlinson and Ben Russell came up with the idea of designing a one-of-its-kind café inside an abandoned Victorian toilet in London. After seeing the “To Rent” sign for an underground toilet, the Englishmen didn’t want to take up the toilet as it was, but did everything they could to transform the toilet into a café and hence The Attendant was born.

The Attendant, which opened last month, obviously after lots of industrial cleaning and restoration work, still keeps the memories of the distant age intact and by memories we mean that the café still features the 1890s Doulton & Co. urinals, however, now they’re being used as dividers for seats with the Victorian hand dryer still being placed above the banquette sits.

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