Green Pill to compensate the scarcity of green zones in urban homes

Green Pill_01

Environment is degrading day-by-day all over the world, thanks to rapid deforestation, pollution, industrial waste and urbanization of small towns and villages. Addressing the issue, British designer Jorge Prieto has come up with a compact and portable greenhouse system dubbed the “Green Pill” that will compensate the dearth of green zones in urban areas and reprocess the harmful gases around us.

Incorporating a greenhouse within a modern sofa, the Green Pill itself works as a big air purifier that absorbs the CO2 of our houses and discharges clean oxygen without taking up extra space. Users can grow a variety of plants, from wild flowers to tropical or indoor plants, in a different way according to their liking, which makes the Green Pill unique for every user.

Green Pill

Featuring folding panel upfront and a removable grille at the back to water or fertilize plants, the Green Pill also includes a small deposit underneath to store extra water as a secondary water supply when required, while keeping your living room dry and clean. Made using biodegradable and ecologic materials, including waterproof transparent Polylactic plastic and biodegradable Plastarch, the Green Pill not only adds the colorful beauty of green life to your home, but also doubles as natural air freshener that produces soft aromatic odor.

The seats of Green Pill are upholstered with recyclable cloths to make it entirely sustainable, while seating you guests comfortably. Users can place the Green Pill both indoors and outdoors according to their liking or seating needs. Installing cold halogen bulbs within, which are programmed with a thermostat to illuminate the dark corners of your living area.



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