Plastic solar panels could revolutionize renewable energy generation

solar plastic

Plastic as we all know isn’t the greenest material around, however, when used in solar panels, the same material can revolutionize clean energy generation. Working on the same lines scientists at CESM Brasil have come up with a new technology to produce plastic solar panels, which resemble transparent sheets of plastic with stripes where it has been printed with carbon-based organic polymers.

Though plastic-based solar panels aren’t a new thing and researchers in the US and Europe have already studied them for years, the research has been further developed in Brazil and results in “solar plastic”, which could represent a minor revolution in the way clean energy is being produced from sunlight.

The best part about the solar plastic is its efficiency, which is almost the same as silicon solar panels in a considerably smaller and lightweight package. The lightweight and flexible material can power electrical components of automobiles or portable electronic devices, but the researchers are more interested on producing solar plastic which can cover a larger surface area such as windows. The researchers state that being highly efficient, just three square meters of solar plastic would be sufficient to generate all the energy needed for a family of four.

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