Eco friendly air freshener made from cow dung claims to smell like plants

air freshener made from cow manure

While there is no dearth of air fresheners available on the market, you don’t usually opt for something which is being claimed to be made from fermented cow dung. However, two Indonesian high school students have come up with just that and state that it doesn’t smell as expected, but it actually is quite plant-like in fragrance.

Created by Dwi Nailul Izzah and Rintya Aprianti Miki for participation at the Indonesian Science Project Olympiad, the air freshener won the gold medal at the event. The claims of the developers were justified by the judges at the event, who stated that despite its ingredients, the air freshener had a surprisingly herbal fragrance.

The natural air freshener is free from chemicals found in commercially available products and is also a lot more affordable. While a convention air freshener costs about $4 for a 275gm can, the natural air freshener will cost somewhere around $2. The developers state that for creating this herbal product, the duo collected the ingredients from a cattle farm and allowed it to ferment for three days. Then they extracted the water and mixed it with coconut water. Finally they distilled the liquid to remove all impurities to create a liquid air freshener with an herbal aroma of digested cow food.

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