Garrison Architects to build hurricane-proof structures on New York’s beaches

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After Sandy devastated the structures on New York’s beaches, architect Jim Garrison of Garrison Architects has been given the task to develop about 50 lifeguard stations and other beach structures to replace the damaged ones. However, the architect was given the task to complete all work within five months, so that the new structures could be opened to the public on Memorial Day weekend.

Taking up the challenge, the architect emerged with a plan to introduce net-zero energy structures that will be flood resistant and able to withstand the next hurricane with ease. The plan calls in for the development of modular structures along the Coney Island, Staten Island and Rockaway Beach. The structures will be economical and aesthetically pleasing too, while laying the groundwork for the way cities respond to climate change.

The new lifeguard stations, comfort stations and beach offices will be elevated above the new FEMA storm surge numbers and will make use of solar panels, solar hot water heating systems and skylight ventilators to achieve the net-zero energy status. Moreover, the wood siding now being employed will be salvaged from broadwalks wiped out by Sandy.

Co. Exist notes that apart from the construction of new structures the project will also re-landscape the beaches and introduce dunes in certain places to protect the shore. The new structures will be constructed in a factory and then installed on support structures at the beach.

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