Austria presents its first ever electric snowmobile in Snowbird

Snowbird electric snowmobile

If you happen to be one of the brave hearts who loves to ride the white sheet in style but without adding a wee bit CO2 to the environment, then you should be in Austria. The European country recently introduced its first ever electric snowmobile, dubbed the Snowbird.

Standing true to its name, the first ever electric snowmobile from Austria, Snowbird is developed by the FH Joanneum University in collaboration with local energy supplier Estag (short for Energie Steiermark). The emission free beast for the white sheet is emission free and offers high degree of safety due to low speed, but it’s not too slow to take your fun away, mind you.

The Snowbird electric snowmobile is recently tested by David Schneider, who is a scientific assistant at the FH Joanneum University, on a slope at Packsattel Mountain where it reached a top speed of 120kph. Supporting it to get this much of speed is a 25kW electric motor that gets a vital juice from a 10.5kWh battery.

Featuring a rapid battery exchange technology, the Snowbird electric snowmobile will be extensively tested by Schladming mountain rescue services to make it better and evaluate the need for charging stations to make it fit for the rescue operations as well as tourism in future. No battery rage has been provided whatsoever.

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