Samsung introduces Africa’s first solar powered mobile healthcare center in Cape Town

Samsung solar powered mobile healthcare 1

To ease Africa’s already burdened healthcare and education system, Samsung rolls a solar powered mobile healthcare truck into the Cape Town as a part of his ‘Built for Africa‘ slogan . What is deemed as Africa’s first solar powered mobile healthcare center, the seven meter long truck comes with numerous facilities.

It includes fully equipped clinics for ear, eye, blood and dental surgery, while Samsung intends to introduce mother-and-child clinic capable of 4D ultrasound scans and delivering babies. The solar powered healthcare on wheels is built to target six out of ten people living in the far flung areas of Africa.

The mobile healthcare center is created in Johannesburg and is painted in Samsung’s corporate blue and white. The solar powered health care center on wheels is intended to reach out to the people who couldn’t reach hospitals for treatment. However, what remains worth noticing here is the fact that the solar powered truck doesn’t harvest enough energy to power all the equipments. The solar power is used for lighting, TV etc. All the other devices are powered by an inbuilt generator using unleaded fuel or a plug.

The making of solar powered mobile healthcare center cost Samsung a cool USD 250,000 and is a right step from the South Korean giant to not only reduce the burden on the already overcrowded healthcare system in Africa but to reach out to the remote areas to help the people in need who couldn’t somehow reach to the cites for the treatment or can afford it either.

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