Europe’s largest fuel cell powered bus fleet to come to Aberdeen

Fuel cell buses in Aberdeen

While metropolitan cities in Europe like London are paving the way for a clean future by announcing plans to develop the world’s first “ultra low-emission zone”, it is cities like Aberdeen which will share the breakthroughs in clean mobility solutions. The reason is that Ballard Power Systems has signed an agreement with Van Hool NV, the fourth largest bus manufacturer in Europe and the Transit Authority in Aberdeen to launch 10 hydrogen fuel-cell powered buses to the city.

Also on the lines is the company’s proposal to bring about 40 similar buses across Europe by 2014, with the largest fleet to come to Aberdeen. Other cities to benefit from these hydrogen fuel cell powered buses include San Remo, Italy, Flanders in Belgium and Cologne in Germany.

The FCvelocity-HD6 fuel cell module, which powers these environmentally friendly buses, will be made available in two variants – 75kW and 150kW. The system includes a control unit that communicates with a system controller and allows it to make a plug-and-play product with any fuel cell or hybrid fuel cell bus platform.

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