Israeli company develops hi-tech electronic shower to save water, reduce burns


In an effort to save water, shower and faucet producing companies have long tried the idea of low-flow water fixtures. However, most of these showers are making use of old technology and don’t really do anything other than what they’ve been pre-programmed for. An Israeli company called SmarTap, which is headed by an ex-Intel employee, has come up with a hi-tech shower system, called SmarTap E-Shower, which they believe is a revolution in shower designs.

The electronic smart shower can talk with computers and other smart home devices to bring you just the amount of water you need at the exact temperature you specify. The shower system consists primarily of three units, a mixing unit with all the technology onboard that can be placed at any convenient location, a shower interface that has to be placed in the shower, and a remote control that can allow you to wirelessly control the flow-rate and the temperature of water, while also showing you the amount of water you’ve consumed in the shower.

The developers state that while the product will also be made available to homeowners, it is primarily designed for use in the hotel industry, where hotel owners can save the amount of water that visitors use in showers. While a normal person taking a shower would not notice the difference if the flow rate is reduced from 20 liters a minute to 17 liters a minute, hotel managers would definitely save a considerable amount of money and water.

For home owners, the shower can prevent burns in children or parents from a blast of hot water. Apart from that, the SmarTap might start dry at first, as the shower doesn’t start releasing water till the time water reaches the desired temperature and till that time all the cold water is not wasted, but is stored in a separate holding tank.

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