Shipping container building eliminates line between indoor and outdoor spaces

Jike idea shipping container innovation building

Discarded or used shipping containers with their unique configuration offer a great scope for designers to let loose their creativity and produce some innovative structures, which not only presents unique formation to meet individual needs but also helps in sustaining the environment by recycling the metal waste. Check out the Jike idea shipping container building concept by Beijing’s Jikerzhicheng product design that as the name suggests is made using an old 20 foot shipping container.

Essentially a door less garage, the innovative structure extends to accomplish a seamless connection with the surroundings. Incorporating a number of round windows in the adjacent walls and ceiling to create a three dimensional ventilation system, the shipping container building virtually eliminates the line between indoor and outdoor spaces. Harnessing the natural light and ventilation during the day, the sustainable building lets you gaze at stars, through the voids on the surface, at night. Moreover, users can elevate the ground surface, using a deployment platform, of the container set-up to transform it into a tea house or exhibition area.

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