Mist Tree to nourish plants and other living organisms around Atacama Desert

Mist Tree

Designed to offer a new life to Atacama Desert, situated near the Pacific Ocean in the Republic of Chile, the “Mist-Tree” from a bunch of American designers, including Yeonkyu Park, Kwon Han, Haeyeon Kwon and Hojeong Lim, is a skyscraper which can reduce the drought coming from the high ranges of the Andes Mountains. Though the Atacama Desert is located close to the Pacific Ocean, still it is constantly dry because of its geographic condition. At the moment the mist coming from the Pacific Ocean cannot get through the mountain and creates a “rain shadow effect.”

Penetrating through the high mountain range, the sustainable skyscraper is designed to capture dense fog, hailed as “Camanchaca,” arriving from the Pacific Ocean, which would help in slowing down the desertification and cultivate green areas to nourish life around the Atacama Desert. Featuring a lattice structure in its facade to draw condensation, the skyscraper upholds this condensation by increasing heat on the interior using sunlight, thanks to the huge glass structure.

Streaming the water, gathered from the fog, down to the desert, the Mist-Tree not only nourishes the Atacama area but also helps in developing green spaces throughout interior by cultivating a variety of plants. Accomplishing the “Honorable Mention” in 2013 Skyscraper Competition, the futuristic skyscraper would surely help in developing green zones and providing a quality for the people living around Atacama Desert.

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