DIYer uses old projection TV screen to create 2000F solar death ray

solar powered death ray

While the primary reason we encourage our readers to make more use of solar energy is to generate some renewable energy for their home, DIYer Grant Thomson of King of Random has tried to showcase the power of solar energy by coming up with a solar powered death ray that heats stuff at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you’re not aware of how much heat that is, consider that the solar-powered death ray can melt coins, boil water in just seconds, burn hotdogs and also burn holes in concrete. The death ray has made using convex screens from an old projection TV to concentrate and direct sunlight on a much smaller area, thereby increasing the heat of the incident light.

Having found an old and broken projection television for free, the inventor dismantled the set to separate the four foot-wide acrylic lens, which was then mounted on a wooden frame custom-made for the purpose. The inventor states, that his home-made solar cooker, can easily burn stuff including coins, beer bottles and even concrete.

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