Solar powered Orca du Soleil catamaran is a fun bonanza on blue waves

Solar powered Orca du Soleil catamaran

For those of you eco conscious souls who make every move while keeping in mind that it doesn’t make any bad impact on the environment whatsoever, here is a catamaran concept just to ensure you have ample fun on the waters in a green way. Keeping the eco concerns in mind, Frankfurt based designer, Markus Kurkowski, presents concept solar-catamaran made of modern environment friendly technologies.

Christened as Orca du Soleil wherein Soleil is a French equivalent of Sun and synonym for applied solar technology, the concept catamaran features textile solar technology of the wings which is not only intended to provide the catamaran with energy but also to provide the occupants protection from sun and rain on the go.

The concept catamaran features double sided wings applied with solar panels that can fold via a pulley system when need arises and its name symbolizes the image of an orca whale associated with its hull. The concept Orca du Soleil solar catamaran is made for two people to have unlimited fun on coastal waters like lakes, rivers as well as the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.

On the top of this, the concept catamaran is designed in a way to stash every necessary component into the floating bodies to use them as cases which can be easily ported from point A to B using car or a trailer. So this is going to be a complete fun bonanza for scheduled joie de verve on the blue waves.

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