Unconquered Sun’s Polaris EV Ranger runs on renewable solar energy

Solar powered Polaris EV Ranger

While there is no dearth of researchers and automotive designers who are working to come up with environmentally friendly cars that run on clean solar energy, Windsor-Essex based Unconquered Sun has tried to modify Polaris Ranger EV – an off-road four-wheeled vehicle, to run on renewable solar energy.

The all-electric machine, which originally comes with a 30hp electric motor, has been modified and not flaunts a giant solar panel on its rooftop that generates all the electricity the vehicle needs. The result is the Unconquered Sun Polaris EV Ranger – a solar-powered off-road vehicle that has a top speed of 50kph and is designed for farming, hunting as well as for the Department of National Defense’s use. Innovation doesn’t just stop here as the vehicle also features a power dispensing socket that allows you to use an electric chainsaw or even charge your mobile phone from the harvested energy.

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